Once the presence of polyps has been diagnosed in the colon, the next step is their removal by means of a polypectomy. Using a variety of endoscopic tools, the polyps are removed to then be sent to histopatologic lab analysis to classify the state of the polyp cells and determine if they are benign or malign. It is important to note that a timely removal of polyps completely prevents patients from developing colon cancer as a result of the potential malign polyp, avoiding the need of removal of a segment of colon, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Identificación del pólipo

Identifying the polyp

Se atrapa el pólipo con un asa de Polipectomía

Removing polyp endoscopically

Se aplica calor para cortar y coagular la base del pólipo

Using heat to remove polyp and prevent bleeding at the base of polyp

Se logra la resección del pólipo sin hemorragia

Polyp removed without bleeding