Upper endoscopy with polyp removal (polypectomy)

Through the use of endoscopic procedures it is possible to diagnose the presence of polyps (growth of tissue in the form of a wart) in the esophagus or the stomach that could be precursor for cancer. Their removal is possible with a polypectomy, an endoscopic procedure that causes no pain or discomfort, avoiding the need for open surgery. The patient can return to normal daily activities at the end of the procedure.

Identificación del pólipo

Identification of polyp

Se atrapa el pólipo con un asa de Polipectomía

Polyp is trapped

Se aplica calor para cortar y coagular la base del pólipo

Heat is applied to remove polyp and stop bleeding

Se logra la resección del pólipo sin hemorragia

Removal achieved with no hemorrhage